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We are excited to announce a new topic in Rust Magazine called #show-magazine. This is a dedicated space for Rustaceans to showcase their projects and crates to the larger Rust community. Similar to Show HN or Show /r/rust, #show-magazine is an opportunity for developers to share their works-in-progress, completed projects, and upcoming Rust-related events with the community. It is the perfect platform to receive feedback, connect with other Rust enthusiasts, and celebrate the diverse range of projects being developed in the Rust ecosystem.

We encourage everyone to participate in #show-magazine by submitting their projects and crates to Rust Magazine.


Author: avatar Folyd

GitHub - duo-rs/duo: Observability duet: Logging and Tracing
Observability duet: Logging and Tracing. Contribute to duo-rs/duo development by creating an account on GitHub.

Duo is an easy-to-use observability solution that provides both logging and tracing capabilities for Rust applications. While traditional observability solutions are powerful (such as ELK, jaegertracing, etc), it is also complex to deploy and maintain. Duo aimed to provide a less-powerful but complete set of observability features, with extremely simple deployment and maintenance.

Here is the tracing demo:

More to coming

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