What is Rust Magazine?

Rust Magazine is an non-profit online publication dedicated to the Rust programming language and its ecosystem.

Is Rust Magazine an official publication of Rust?

No, Rust Magazine is an independent publication and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Rust programming language or its maintainers.

Who runs Rust Magazine?

Rust Magazine is run by a team of volunteers from the Rust community. If you’re interested in joining the team, please reach out to us via email or Github.

Who is Rust Magazine for?

Rust Magazine is for anyone interested in Rust, from beginners to advanced users, developers, and enthusiasts.

How often is Rust Magazine published?

Rust Magazine is published on a monthly basis, with each issue consisting of, at most, 10 articles.

How to contribute?

There are several ways to contribute articles to Rust Magazine:

  • When we find a great article from the community which we think deserves adding to the magazine, we’ll try to contact you. If you agree to publish it in the magazine, then we’ll help you submit your PR and get it merged.

  • We’ll invite some Rustaceans to write an article based on various topics and themes.

  • You can also submit your PR if you think your article is excellent. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to contribute.

For more information about how to contribute, please check the how to contribute page.

Have you considered asking for different cover images?

We encourage authors to customize their cover image, however, it is not mandatory.

cover = "/path/to/cover.png"

Do you have any information about your reader base, such as their size or where they are mainly from?

We don’t have concrete details on the distribution of our readers since we have not added analysis services like Google Analytics to track them. However, we believe that we have a considerable audience worldwide, as we have had an article trend on Hacker News on February, 2023. We are constantly striving to reach more readers and grow our community.

Does the author get paid?

Since Rust Magainze is a non-profit publication, we rely on sponsorship to pay our authors. Visit the Sponsor us page to learn more.

What is the license of the content in Rust Magazine?

The content of the magazine is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 LICENSE by default unless otherwise specified.

Can I write about topics other than Rust programming in Rust Magazine?

No, Rust Magazine is dedicated solely to topics related to the Rust programming language and its ecosystem.

How can I get involved with Rust Magazine?

You can get involved with Rust Magazine by contributing articles, editing, reviewing, leaving comment, and providing feedback.

How is Rust Magazine built?

Rust Magazine is built using zine, an intuitive static site generator tailored for magazines.