How to contribute?

Install zine

cargo install zine

Clone the magazine

$ git clone https://github.com/rustmagazine/rustmagazine

$ cd rustmagazine

$ zine serve
listening on

Add your article

$ tree content/issue-1
├── announcing-zh.md
├── announcing.md
└── zine.toml

0 directories, 3 files

Add your markdown file to the content/issue-1 directory.

Update zine.toml

path = "/your-article-path"
file = "your-article.md"
title = "Your article title"
author = "Your-name"
topic = ["optional-topic"]
pub_date = "e.g. 2022-12-10"
publish = true
featured = true

Add author

If this is your first time contributing to the magazine, you should also add your profile to the [authors] section of the root zine.toml file.

rust-magazine = { name = "The Editorial Team", editor = true, bio = "The magazine editorial team" }
+ yourname = {}

Finally, run git commit, git push, and submit your PR!